A Cyclist’s Essentials

They say that equipment defines an activity, it also shows how committed one is to the sport that he is engaged in. this was the notion that i had when i started cycling last year. i wanted the best looking gear that would go well with my bike’s color, and suit me perfectly as i ride around.

Thankfully, the brand that i chose has it all!

Cycling Helmet (Spyder Mercury), Cycling Jersey (Spyder Fuel), Bib Shorts (Spyder Armor)

Spyder’s minimalist designs caught my eye as i was going through their selection at R.O.X. in Highstreet. their apparel line up has significantly grown from last year and deviated from the usual colors of white, red and black. although the jersey that i got still utilized their original color scheme, it was the perfect jersey to compliment the Bib Short that i bought. but one thing i loved about this brand is how awesome their stuff are while maintaining their affordability!

the Jersey (Spyder Fuel) is one comfortable motherfu***r! it is very breathable and super light when worn, it conforms to my anatomical structure – clinging to it like a compression suit. this is one of my favorite jerseys ever! It has three hind pockets that can store all my essentials (inner tubes, bike pump, wallet, cellphones, and other items that i deem appropriate for my ride) – the pockets are large enough to forego the need to bring a bag. the Fuel also comes with a hydro pouch that is water resistant. i usually place my cell phone in it before storing it in one of rear pockets. (the Jersey costs 1690 pesos only )

The Bib Short that i used was awkward to look at individually, somehow i felt like i was a professional wrestler as the short extends to the shoulders (think suspenders and a short all in one item!). although, it’s actual perks shows once you start pedaling! The Spyder Armor has an awesome fit with awesome pads that would ensure a painless butt experience even during long rides. i have been told that this is an apparel favored by triathletes, although i think the pad are bulky enough to be considered one. it actually is perfect for cycling, but getting submerged in water might actually make it heavier. as weird as it may look, i would prefer wearing the armor than other cycling shorts out there. (you can get the armor for 1,490 pesos only)

The Spyder Mercury is a lightweight and durable road cycling helmet. it is equipped with a number of vents to ensure a smooth passage of wind to and from the helmet without slowing you down. the design actually matches the color of the jersey i got. did i mention that it is super light? i got this road helmet for only 3395 pesos – talk about super quality and super affordability!

all in all, i truly believe that spyder is an awesome brand that gives you the best value for your money, and their designs has leveled up and gotten really good lately! don’t believe me? visit any of their branches to see for yourself!

For more information on Spyder, Visit them at the following links:
Facebook : Team Spyder PH
Twitter: Team Spyder Tweets
Instagram: Team Spyder Instagram
Website: Team Spyder Site


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